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The CF Canlife Global Equity Fund maintained its value focus in July, with overweights in sectors such as financials, materials and industrials. This is in stark contrast to earlier this year, when we were much more defensive. However, we believe that consensus views are now too bearish and that a modest rise in yields through until year-end will support value sectors and stocks. In contrast, it should put some pressure on the expensive multiples we are seeing in growth areas, particularly in the US.

Although this positioning did not bear fruit in July, we maintain a very high conviction, particularly given the glimmers of value outperformance that we have seen. For example, growth behemoths such as Amazon and Alphabet have paused for breath recently, highlighting their potentially stretched valuations. It was, however, a very low turnover month for the Fund. Our holding in health and well-being news provider WebMD was taken out at a 20% premium, which helped performance, whilst we also sold our position in Bristol Myers Squibb. This was because we felt that, following the news of AstraZeneca’s drug trial miss and associated 15% share price fall, there was downside risk of Bristol Myers Squibb’s similar trial ending the same way. We did, however, add a small position in AstraZeneca as we are more positive on upcoming results and believe it is a potential takeover candidate.

From a regional perspective, Europe maintains our favoured region, supported by a continuation in economic growth and falling unemployment. To take advantage of this improving outlook, we have positions in European banks – such as Credit Suisse and UBS – which are more geared into economic recovery and fit with the Fund’s more value positioning.

Looking forward, despite a number of economic and political uncertainties, global economic growth remains robust and we have seen markedly less dovish tones emanate from central banks in recent weeks. This leads us to think that we have moved on from a world of ‘just’ low bond yields, which should disproportionately benefit the more value, beaten-up areas of the market. Therefore, we expect the second half of 2017 to play out much as 2016 did and believe that investors should be looking closely at value-focused funds in this environment.


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