Each of our multi-asset solutions has been designed to serve a different requirement within an investment portfolio. These strategies can sit at the core of a portfolio, acting as a single, highly diversified holding that aims to achieve stable, long-term growth. Or they can help to reduce volatility and produce smoother, overall returns.

Whether an investor is seeking to manage risk, achieve diversified growth or simply invest in a one-stop-shop investment solution, our aim is to provide portfolios that deliver results. All of our multi-asset funds benefit from highly experienced management teams that have a long track record in this area.


LF Canlife Portfolio Funds 


Our range of Portfolio Funds offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution to the complicated business of choosing a mix of investments to suit your client’s investment objectives.

As advisers increasingly segment their client base and outsource investment management, there is a need for investment solutions that are designed to meet client objectives and offer some flexibility in continuing to do so as their circumstances change.

Our Portfolio Funds are risk-targeted, globally diversified funds of funds that can serve as a core holding within many of your clients’ portfolios. They are perfectly aligned to Dynamic Planner’s risk profiles 3 to 7 in order to meet the long-term needs of the majority of investors and provide ongoing suitability.

Each of the five Portfolio Funds invests in a diversified blend of geographies and investment types, with the aim of matching your client’s risk and reward requirements. This is achieved by investing primarily in our range of actively managed in-house funds in order to tap the expertise of our experienced equity, fixed income and property managers, as well as keep costs under control. With more than eight years of proven capability in risk-targeted fund management, our Portfolio Funds are a tried and tested investment solution that allows you to outsource asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio rebalancing.


  • Ready-made investment solution
    Five funds of funds aligned to Dynamic Planner’s risk profiles 3 to 7 that match clients’ risk profiles and provide outsourced portfolio construction and monitoring
  • Benefiting from the expertise of our actively managed in-house fund range
    Investing primarily in our range of in-house equity, fixed income and property funds that are managed by highly experienced teams

  • Ongoing suitability
    By sticking rigidly to Dynamic Planner’s asset allocations, our Portfolio Funds should never stray from their risk targets, which means that they will always align with your client’s appetite for risk


The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount invested


Portfolio Funds match multiple risk profile solutions

The following funds are risk rated by Dynamic Planner, Synaptics, FinaMetrica and Defaqto. For further information about our funds please contact us.



The LF Canlife Managed 0%-35% Fund seeks to provide long-term capital growth and income through a diversified portfolio of UK income-generating assets – namely bonds, equities and direct property.

We seek to construct a diversified portfolio exhibiting low volatility, which delivers reasonably steady growth and income over a cycle. This fund is all about dampening down risk and fluctuations for investors, therefore we take no direct foreign exchange risk, only investing in sterling denominated assets.

At all times we seek a diversified portfolio, allocating across a broad range of UK assets – including income-orientated equities, property, as well as government bonds and corporate bonds. We continually look to focus on assets providing a competitive yield. Our fixed income allocation aims to provide stability and income, with short duration bonds helping to cushion against any increase in interest rates.


The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount invested



Our LF Canlife Strategic Return Fund is managed by Boston-based PanAgora Asset Management and aims to generate positive returns through varying market environments.

  • A long-term investment solution targeting Cash +5% pa over a period of at least five years
  • A globally diversified multi-asset fund seeking to generate stable returns and reduce the impact of falling markets
  • Strict volatility management, targeting a moderate volatility level with the aim of achieving long-term stable returns
  • PanAgora Asset Management is an expert in its field, managing risk-balanced strategies since 2006
  • A dynamic approach that actively balances the risks of different asset classes to offer improved diversification


The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount invested




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