Our range of investment solutions has been designed to support financial advisers and their clients in meeting their long-term objectives. Each of our offerings has been built for a purpose, whether it sits at the core of a portfolio to provide long-term growth or offers access to a specific global market. Our 40-year history as asset managers gives us the expertise necessary to provide the highest quality multi-asset and risk-profiled solutions as well as attractive equity, fixed income and alternative funds.


  • Diversification with the aim of producing stable returns
  • Core holding to act as a one-stop-shop solution
  • Exposure to a wide range of asset classes and geographies

Each of our multi-asset solutions has been designed to serve a different requirement within an investment portfolio. These strategies can sit at the core of a portfolio and act as a single, highly diversified holding that aims to achieve long-term growth. Whether an investor is seeking to manage risk, achieve diversified growth or simply invest in a one-stop-shop investment solution, our aim is to provide portfolios that deliver results. All of these funds benefit from our in-house expertise in equities, bonds and property, and that of our partners within the wider Great-West Lifeco group.



  • Exposure to specific markets through expert managers
  • Long-term investment horizon based on fundamental analysis
  • Access to blue chip stocks and dynamic, high-growth sectors

For investors who are seeking access to single-strategy funds, we have a range of funds that serve as the foundation of any well-balanced investment portfolio. These funds provide access to both domestic and international markets, and are managed in a truly active fashion. Each of our managers has a unique insight into their respective market and applies a high-conviction approach to investing with the aim of achieving attractive, long-term results.



  • Income solutions designed to meet a variety of client needs
  • Exposure to government bonds or higher yielding corporate credit
  • Access to both domestic and global bond markets

Our range of income solutions is designed to meet investor demand for funds that aim to generate an attractive income and provide capital growth over the long term. With a long heritage of managing fixed income assets and more than £23bn under management, our team of portfolio managers and credit analysts bring wide experience and a deep insight into global fixed income markets to each of our strategies.

For investors seeking income from equity-based investments, we offer a range of equity income funds that aim to provide an attractive, above-average yield along with long-term capital growth.



  • Provides clients with exposure to niche sectors
  • Asset classes with lower correlation to traditional equity markets
  • Experienced managers with strong track records

A well-diversified investment portfolio moves beyond traditional stocks and bonds to find returns. Our alternative funds provide access to niche and high-growth sectors around the world. All are managed by experienced teams with long histories uncovering opportunities in their respective markets.


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