Brexit nerves

Brexit Nerves


The end of 2018 was rocky for UK equities thanks to the ongoing Brexit deadlock. Whilst more domestic sectors, such as retailers, have been amongst the weakest performers, the overall UK Equity market remains unloved. UK Equity Fund outflows were aggressively negative during 2018 and Global Funds continue to be generally considerably underweight the UK. As a result, UK equities are valued at a notable discount; on Institutional Brokers’ Estimate System’s (IBES) consensus price-earnings basis for 2019 the discount is circa 14% to Global Equities, 6% to European Equities, and 24% to US Equities. This is also reflected in the UK’s high dividend yield of 4.8% for 2019 and vast premium to the 10-year bond rate of just 1.16%. The main reason for this disparity undoubtedly roots from the significant uncertainty around how the UK leaves the European Union.

We have retained our exposure in under-valued large caps that have an international focus. We are overweight BP and this preference reflects a valuation discount of its sum-of-the-parts net asset value relative to Shell. We also own a small position in exploration group, Tullow Oil. Other overseas earnings companies that are more secure from Brexit and good performers for the Fund include: Relx (global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries); the mining sector with our main position being BHP; GSK (GlaxoSmithKline); global consumer staples giant, Unilever; Ashtead (most of the company’s profit comes from the US).

We are managing our industry weightings carefully given the unknown outcome of Brexit. However, we are also staying true to our beliefs of investing behind quality companies where it sees value for the medium term. This includes exposure to several companies with a higher exposure to UK earnings where we believe valuations may be overly discounting the negative Brexit sentiment. We continue to believe in a low growth, low inflationary and therefore low interest rate world, as we have for some time despite the market’s aggressive sell-off and style rotation in Q4 of 2018. The markets calmed down in Q1 2019 and the Fund’s performance improved.

Despite the economic and political uncertainty clouding the UK, we believe the main areas of growth can be found in more niche situations invariably found in the FTSE Mid-250 Index and the lower end of the FTSE100 Index. Nevertheless, growth can even be found in retailing. JD Sports, for example, is performing well as it is focussed on structural growth in the “athleisure” market and growth in the consumer’s appetite for sports leisure. The travel division of WH Smith is also an attractive growth business. Although major uncertainties lie ahead, valuations of UK Equities appear very attractive and are exceptionally under-owned leading to our cautiously optimistic view for 2019.

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