Brexit shock unlikely to lead to crisis


It is far too soon to determine what will be the lasting impact of Brexit on the UK economy and markets, but it is clear the referendum vote has caused major uncertainty. And we all know the one thing investment markets dislike is uncertainty.

There is no doubt central banks will continue to do 'whatever it takes' to provide support to the global economy. What this means for the UK is likely interest rates cuts and/or QE from the Bank of England to provide assistance to the economy and support markets as the UK contends with this unexpected shock.

While we believe the Brexit outcome may create a bandwagon of pressure to reform the EU, we think it is unlikely to lead to the full-scale collapse of the European Union. It is clearly a ‘shock’, but not a ‘crisis’.

At this point, despite many varied arguments, we wonder if Merkel’s apparent steadying influence in saying the UK should take its time and determine if this is truly in the country's best interests could provide some sort of scope for the UK to negotiate a better outcome rather than a full exit? It is clear a complete exit of the UK would be as detrimental for Europe, if not worse

Perhaps a compromise position, akin to the model currently adopted Norway, which still allows access to goods and services (including financial services) and freedom of movement, could be the 'middle ground' solution for all? There is little doubt people here in the UK will still drink French wine!

Therefore, while the referendum vote has created uncertainty, we believe it important to stay measured and 'not let our hearts rule our heads'.


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Nigel Kennett

Nigel Kennett

Senior Fund Manager, UK Equities


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