Don’t ignore the snap election but focus on the risk of the French ‘nightmare scenario’

After months of consistently denying the possibility of an early election, UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday revealed the UK will go to the polls on 8 June. The move is clearly a surprise but take a step back and it becomes entirely logical.

David Marchant

David Marchant

Chief Investment Officer, Canada Life Limited & Managing Director, Canada Life Asset Management Limited.

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Will fundamentals or politics prevail in Europe?

Will fundamentals or politics prevail in Europe

Europe ex-UK has persistently underperformed broader global equities in dollar terms since the financial crisis (as shown in the chart below) – largely due to the combination of low economic growth, lacklustre earnings and political concerns. While this has given Europe a relatively cheap valuation against international markets, the region has lacked a catalyst to realise its value.

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