An update from David Marchant, CIO, Canada Life Investments

Covid-19 has provided many challenges. The safety and well-being of staff was our first priority, as we sought to move to homeworking as rapidly as possible. I am pleased to report that our contingency planning and the efforts of our teams across Canada Life have allowed us to successfully navigate this transition at pace, and we have no one working in our Lombard Street office. The infrastructure supporting our business is working well, and all members of our investment team are operating from home.

Such a crisis has produced many challenges both operationally and in the markets, but our teams have adapted to the new environment and are able to transact in all asset classes and for all our portfolios. With the lockdown of activities looking set to continue for some time, we are adapting our processes to the conditions as necessary to continue to be able to operate. We will continue to deliver high quality investment solutions and services; we have ensured that our strong oversight and governance remains in place; and we are actively searching for investment opportunities resulting from the current market dislocations.

I am confident that we will be able to operate in the current environment for as long as is required, but to be able to thrive requires the commitment of our people and we pride ourselves on the professionalism and commitment of our teams. The longevity of our staff is matched by the long-term, conservative nature of our investment philosophy and in times of crisis we believe that such an approach comes to the fore.

This pandemic will leave a significant scar on our society, and many people face considerable uncertainty for themselves and their families. It is a time for collective responsibility. I am proud of everyone at Canada Life Investments for their continued support, and all of us are grateful for the trust that our customers have placed in us to help them achieve their financial objectives.


David Marchant

CIO, Canada Life Investments

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