Our approach to investing is defined by four main guiding principles. These values and beliefs are applied across each asset class with the aim of delivering sustainable and repeatable performance. All of our investment professionals embrace these principles while working together in an environment that encourages independent thinking, co-operation and debate.

1. Truly active management

We have a strong belief that active management can deliver returns in excess of the market over the long term. This is why our managers are given the freedom to back their own convictions and make investment decisions that can deviate from the consensus. Performance is driven by pure active management, not hidden index tracking.

2. Adding value through a pragmatic style

Our managers are empowered to adapt their style to the prevailing market conditions. They are not tethered to a house style because we have full confidence in their ability to read their markets and adapt their strategy as needed. This occurs against a backdrop where team-work and open debate is encouraged. We expect our managers to take part in free-ranging discourse with each other where they can share, defend and enhance their ideas.

3. Taking a long-term perspective

Whenever we invest, we focus on the long term with the belief that asset prices are determined by more enduring factors such as changes in interest rates, economic growth and the underlying fundamental strength of a company. Our view is that short-term news and sentiment swings are often just noise and trading on such temporary considerations does not add value.

4. A blended approach to investing

We believe it is essential to see the big picture before choosing to invest. In an increasingly globalised market, there is an intrinsic link between macroeconomic factors and the fundamentals of individual companies and securities. Our investment approach integrates the benefits of top-down and bottom-up analysis – and above all, our managers have the freedom to make pragmatic decisions.


We offer a range of investment solutions designed to support financial advisers and their clients in meeting their long-term objectives. Each of our offerings has been built for a purpose, whether it sits at the core of a portfolio to provide long-term growth or offers access to a specific global market. Find out more

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